Hi, I’m Page.  Looking for a little sunshine in your life?  Stick around…

I run a coaching and consulting business called Glass Always Full.  You can probably guess from the name that it’s centered around positivity.  My coaching starts with exploring someone’s natural talents and tapping into them to further his or her goals.  Whether you’re looking for a little courage to start a new life chapter, tools to make your job more enjoyable, or perspective with a relationship, understanding your natural talents can help you live a happier life.  This type of coaching is founded in decades of research that resulted in Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment. The idea is all about focusing on what people are naturally good at, rather than many other assessments that focus on weaknesses to improve.  I am a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach who can offer many more resources and understanding than what you would find through the online assessment alone.  Curious?  Check out Gallup’s Strengths Center to learn what over 15 million people around the world have already tuned into.

In addition to this newest endeavor, I have over a decade of experience in Market Research and Consulting.  I have spent several years each at research-based consulting firm Frank N. Magid Associates specializing in media, tech, and entertainment brands; boutique firm Smarty Pants, specializing in kid and family entertainment and products; and Vivendi Games, providing internal research for the development and marking of children’s video games.  During my journey with these companies and additional freelance work, I have realized one central commonality that brings me joy: connecting with people, whether they were my clients or my research participants.  Through countless focus groups, one-on-one usability sessions, and in-home ethnographies with whole families, I learned I have a knack for connecting with people in a way that allows them to share their lives with me.  This one favorite aspect of my previous jobs is what brought me to my current-day coaching journey.

I am a huge believer in striving for a balanced life as much as we can.  I’m your average yoga-loving gal who likes to cook and take walks with my dog.  I also fantasize about reading on the beach once a week, but reality looks more like reading a few pages at night before passing out and seeing the ocean from my car when I’m avoiding the freeway. (I need to do better at putting my feet in the water, but there’s always tomorrow!)  What’s most important to me is my work with the nonprofit The Greater Contribution.  In a nutshell, we fund micro loans to help impoverished women start small businesses. I’ve been on the Board of Directors for several years, traveled to Uganda twice to distribute loans and visit our businesswomen, and I can’t tell you how much this work means to me. The biggest thing I’d like to convey is how greatly perspective can do a world of good during hard times.

If you have any ideas, thoughts, questions, pictures, poems, or general positivity that you want to throw my way, drop me a note.  And may your glass be always full!